IT is simply too early as but to try writing a constitutional historical past oi Bulgaria. The modem historical past of the Principality barely covers thirty years, and could also be stated to start with the arrival of the primary Prince within the nation. Between the traditional Bulgarian kingdom and Bulgaria of our time there’s a break of a number of centuries, which makes it inconceivable to ascertain any logical connection of the current with the previous. The Natural Statute which now regulates the political lifetime of Bulgaria is, so to talk, the product of a day. Its origins are usually not buried far again into the previous historical past of the nation, neither is it the results of the only real efforts of the Bulgarian nation. The Nice Powers, concurrently they proclaimed the independence of Bulgaria, not solely fastened the type of the long run authorities of the Principality, but in addition laid down the primary ideas of its public regulation. Underneath these circumstances, historical past is however of small sensible worth within the examine of the political organisation of modem Bulgaria, and we, due to this fact, solely suggest to offer a quick sketch of the occasions and establishments which preceded the current order of issues.

Little or no is thought of the political organisation of the traditional Bulgarian kingdom. At the start, the govem meat seems to have been purely aristocratic. The king was invested with absolute energy, and, within the discharge of his capabilities, was assisted by a council of six nice noblemen, or “ boliars,” whence the phrase “ boliarstvo,” or the Aristocracy. The royal court docket was composed of a large number of pages, equerries, and small noblemen from all around the nation. The noblemen and the clergy shared between themselves the federal government of the dominion. Serfdom appears to have, existed from the very first.

Underneath the feudal system

Underneath the feudal system, whereas the authority of the king suffered diminution, the royal titles, quite the opposite, rose in dignity. The king was known as “Caesar ” and ” Imperator,” he despatched and obtained ambassadors, wore a purple mantle and a crown, and carried a sceptre. The succession was regulated by the regulation of primogeniture, within the descending male line, girls being excluded by the Salic Legislation. Within the absence of youngsters, the succession devolved on the eldest brother. In the course of the minority of the king the regency belonged by proper to his mom. When a royal household grew to become extinct, the noblemen proclaimed a brand new dynasty within the particular person of certainly one of their friends.



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