Not many streams fall into the Black Sea

Not many streams fall into the Black Sea; crucial are the Kamtchia and the Pravadiska.

Lakes usually are not quite a few in our nation. Some lagoons are to be discovered close to the Black Sea; their origin is attributed partly to the fluctuations of the ocean. An important are the Guebedj6 (20 metres deep), the Salt Lake, close to Anhialo, Nafakioi, Atanaskioi, and Mandren. On the banks of the Danube, remoted creeks have changed into marshes: they’re most quite a few between the mouths of the Isker and the Iantra. There are additionally marshes within the valley bottoms, and among the many heights of the Rilo and the western Rhodopes, which include, as we’ve stated above, greater than 100 lakes within the midst of the lofty summits. These lakes are similar to the “Sea Eyes/’ of the Carpathians.


As regards local weather, Bulgaria shares the quite unfavourable place of all of the jap a part of the Balkan Peninsula. The beneficent winds of the west attain us chilly and dry. The northeasterly winds to which the nation is most uncovered preserve the temperature low. Listed below are some climatological information which can allow the reader to kind an accurate thought of the overall temperature in our nation.

If we cut back the temperature of all these cities * to sealevel we discover that the best distinction of temperature is 15°, and that the isotherm passing via Bulgaria is 12°.

The imply altitude of Bulgaria beifig 425 metres, the imply annual temperature for the entire Principality will probably be io° centigrade.

The distinction between the best and lowest temperatures • The temperature of those cities is that of the entire Principality.

within the 12 months is 20° C., which quantities to saying that the local weather of the nation is a continental one.

The most well liked day of the final ten years was August seventh, 1896 (at Plevna, 418°) and the coldest was January sixth, 1894 (at Gabrovo, 250).

The winds in Bulgaria are conditioned

The winds in Bulgaria are conditioned by the barometric state of all Europe and extra distant areas. The prevailing ones are westerly and northwesterly. Northerly and northeasterly winds are extra uncommon. There are additionally native tendencies, as as an illustration at Gabrovo, the place southerly winds are frequent. The winds, that are quite sturdy, blow nearly consistently the 12 months spherical.

With regard to rain, Bulgaria occupies a center place between Jap and Western Europe. The wet season corresponds to that of all Jap Europe. At the moment the rains are veiy heavy, however there’s additionally a sufficiency of rain throughout the different seasons of the 12 months.

The typical rainfall for the entire 12 months is 26*5 inches. The areas least favoured on this respect, e.g., the shores of the Black Sea, get nonetheless at the very least 17 6 inches.




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